Disaster closely avoided with fire at gas station


A disaster was closely avoided in front of a gas station on Sukhumvit road near the entrance of north Pattaya road when a surge in power exploded some electrical cables.

Luckily the staff was quick to react and whilst one informed the electricity authority to cut the power, others used the correct fire extinguishers to try to put out the flames before the problem escalated.

This could have easily gotten out of control.

Rescue volunteers from Sawang Boriboon Foundation rushed to the scene and assisted the gas station staff and within thirty minutes the flames were extinguished and the disaster avoided.

The manager of Thienchai gas station stated even though the station has high standards of safety procedures, it still needs cooperation from other sectors to protect and prevent further incidents.

Our reporters noted that if the fire had spread further it may have reached the nearby Ptt Station and then this would have been a massive disaster.

Disaster closely avoided with fire at gas station