Deputy Police Commander makes preparations to facilitate Songkran travel


Nakhon Ratchasima – The Deputy Commander of the Royal Thai Police has ordered police across the country to prepare special lanes and to stringently enforce driving laws ahead of the holiday season.

Pol Gen Sriwara Rangsipramnakul has conducted an inspection by helicopter of the Route 304 Kabinburi-Nakhon Ratchasima roadway, a major road from the east to the northeast of the country. He noted several construction sites and dangerous curves on the road and has ordered close monitoring of the spots. Authorities reported to him that over 100 fatalities have occurred on the stretch of road due to accidents involving the trouble spots. Pol Gen Sriwara says that better management is needed as the Songkran travel period approaches.

The deputy commander has circulated a memo to police nationwide to implement accident reduction measures on all roadways. An extra lane is to be added to the inbound side of the Wang Nam Khiew area motorway in Nakhon Ratchasima to improve traffic flow, and the authorities have been empowered to add another lane on the opposite side if needed. Meanwhile all construction equipment has been ordered removed from the road at this time and strict parking regulations are in place.

Army Region 1 Commander Lt Gen Kukriat Srinaka has similarly prepared his forces to provide assistance to travelers during Songkran. The 18th Army Circle is to focus on facilitating travel in Saraburi province and responding to any disasters.

All relevant agencies have been told to provide help to citizens, including resolving any ongoing matters that may impede travel during the holiday.