Deputy interior minister visits flood-stricken Thai South


BANGKOK, Dec 27 –  Deputy Interior Minister Pol Lt-Gen Chat Kuldilok, accompanied by senior officials of the disaster prevention and mitigation department, is visiting the southern region today and tomorrow to direct assistance and follow up operations to help flood victims.

The deputy interior minister said that the prime minister is concerned about the flooding in the South and ordered the interior ministry to assist local residents.

Regarding the southern province of Narathiwat, a number of low-lying areas in all 13 districts have been under 30-60 centimetres of floodwater.

Flooding in some communities in the Sungai Kolok municipality on the Sungai Kolok River remains high at around 80-120 centimetres. Local residents lack drinking water.

The local unit of the Armed Forces Development Command has distributed relief supplies to villagers by boat.

Meanwhile, in Ruso district, the Saiburi River is swollen and flows swiftly, sweeping the river bank at Saithong Temple, damaging a home and a deserted monk’s cell.

In Phatthalung, about 350 households living by the lake in four sub-districts have been under 50 centimetres of water for several days due to rainfall and high tide. Strong wind has forced fishermen to stay ashore.