Dept. of Civil Aviation to welcome private sector participation in airport development


The Department of Civil Aviation plans to invite the private sector to participate in airport development to secure its target of accommodating 58 million passengers in nine years.

The department held a meeting to gather suggestions from the private sector on future projects and the management of existing airports. The department is welcoming participation from industry stakeholders, particularly on the agenda of commercial land use.

In its bid to make Thailand a regional hub of aviation, the department plans to allocate 24 billion baht from 2017-2021 for the maintenance and development of seven airports, and 12 billion baht from 2022-2026 to develop another eight airports, in order to accommodate 58 million passengers by 2026.

Surveys of the private sector interest in airport development projects will take place in another four provinces, before the results are compiled and submitted to the Minister of Transport.