Customs Department using technology to increase efficiency


Bangkok – The Customs Department is responding to government policy by using technology to increase its inspections efficiency; the department is to install x-ray machines on conveyor belts at Suvarnabhumi Airport by the end of this year.

The Director-General of the Customs Department, Krisada Chinavicharana, has announced that his department is adopting the National Single Window system to facilitate customs operations in the country. The system is now waiting for product information to be supplied, and for the readiness of various agencies. The department has also set up the system in several other countries. The technology will be operational in Myanmar and the Philippines within a month. In Laos, the system is still under development, but it should soon be ready to be fully installed.

In addition, the Director-General of the Customs Department said the x-ray machines to be installed on the conveyor belts at Suvarnabhumi Airport should be operational by the end of 2019. Initially, 23 belts are being installed in the arrivals area. The x-ray machines will scan all luggage after it arrives on flights. The ground staff will then mark each piece of luggage before passengers take it for the clearance procedure at a red counter. If the passengers refuse to comply, legal action will be taken immediately to prevent the smuggling of prohibited items and goods imported for commercial purposes.