Court allows Channel 3 to continue airing through satellite and cable until Oct. 11


BANGKOK, 27 September 2014  The Administrative Court has issued an order allowing Channel 3’s signal to continue to be relayed through satellite and cable channels, allowing the television broadcaster time to settle its dual-system broadcast affairs without facing interruption to its relayed contents.

Ms. Suphinya Klannarong, a member of the committee on broadcasting affairs at the National Broadcasting Telecommunications Commission, said that with the court’s order, Channel 3 will be able to air on cable and satellite channels until 4.30 pm on October 11. Channel 3 will need to complete its arrangements with the NBTC concerning the dual airing on both analog and digital systems. The broadcaster will also have to report its progress on completing the said arrangements to the court.

Channel 3 earlier filed for a protection order from the Central Administrative Court, concerning the NBTC’s resolution to have satellite and cable operators stop relaying Channel 3’s analog signal on September 30. The broadcasting regulator had reached the resolution after deeming that Channel 3 failed to go through with the proposed simulcast.