Coronavirus-infected cases in Thailand still at 25


BANGKOK – The number of coronavirus-infected cases in Thailand remains unchanged at 25, as officials assure the sufficiency of face masks for domestic use.

The Ministry of Public Health Thailand announced Thursday morning that no more cases had been found and the country’s tally of confirmed coronavirus cases stood at 25.

Nine of the patients have fully recovered while the rest are being hospitalized with improved conditions.

Meanwhile, officials also commented on face masks that, along with hand sanitizers, are listed as controlled products.

Public Health Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Sukhum Kanchanapimai and Domestic Trade Department Deputy Director-General Prayote Pensut said the measure ensured that face mask supplies in the country would be sufficient.

The Ministry of Commerce’s proposal was approved by the cabinet which limits the export volume of the products and requires sellers and manufacturers to report their supplies to ministry.

Prayote said producers of face masks and hand sanitizers could increase their production by 10-20 percent.

Retailers have been informed of the new measures deriving from the decision and asked to limit purchase of face masks at no more than 10 per person.

Before the listing, there had been complaints about shortages of face masks.

Authorities have attempted to provide the public with information on proper face mask use and handed them out to commuters.