Consumers urged to beware of unsafe meat


BANGKOK – The Department of Livestock Development has advised consumers to exercise caution when buying meat in summer during which time food can rot easily. 

Deputy Director-General and spokesperson of the Department of Livestock, Sorawit Thaneto suggested that consumers only buy fresh meat from certified producers to avoid health risks associated with substandard meat.

Dr. Sorawit said it was inadvisable to buy raw meat from street vendors as the meat may have been butchered in substandard slaughter houses. He has also warned against buying unusually low-priced meat products, as they may be derived from sick animals.

According to Dr. Sorawit, quality pork should have vibrant pinkish color, even texture and little or no odor. Quality poultry should be of a pink color with yellowish skin and must not contain a lot of blood. Meat must be cooked at a temperature of at least 70 Degrees Celsius to prevent bacterial infection.