Consular Affairs to provide mobile passport issuing service in Trang


TRANG, 22 May 2015 – The Department of Consular Affairs (DCA) will be providing passport issuance services in Trang province during 8-12 June 2015 to facilitate the public, according to the Trang City Municipality Mayor.

The Mayor of Trang’s City Municipality, Apichit Winothai, has revealed that the DCA mobile passport issuing unit will be operating passport issuance services to the pubic in Trang and surrounding provinces during 8-12 June 2015 from 8am to 4:30pm at the Trang City Municipality office.

This service will be convenient for the public, as they will not be required to travel to Bangkok or other provinces where the passport issuance service are provided at those Consular Affairs offices.

The DCA will require certain documents to issue passports, namely the identification card or civil worker card with the 13 digit identification number, and the census registration document. Passport issuance will cost 1,000 baht and an additional 40 baht for delivery services.