Comprehensive inspection of suspicious luxury cars underway


BANGKOK, June 7 – Owners of nearly 10,000 luxury cars declared as re-assembled in Thailand will be summoned for questioning in a large-scale investigation against tax evasion, according to the chief of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI).

Tarit Pengdith said 6,862 luxury cars were registered already while more than 3,000 were awaiting registration and licences

He met together Thursday with heads of five related agencies – Customs Department, Excise Department, Land Transport Department, Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) and Central Institute of Forensic Science – to discuss legal action against the luxury car owners for tax evasion.

He said the high-end cars, registered between October 31, 2010 and May 31, 2013, will be checked, targeting cars with market prices above Bt4 million.

The Land Transport Department will pinpoint the luxury cars under the criteria and names of owners while applicants for new licences will be compiled and reported to the meeting on Monday, Mr Tarit said.

He said the DSI will summon owners to take their cars for inspection by TISI specialists and legal action will be taken against owners whose cars were not re-assembled as declared, adding that those failing to show up will have their cars seized for inspection and legal action.

Customs and Land Transport officials reportedly said it was the duty of car dealers and engineers who certified the cars to declare facts and information in their applications for licences and counterfeiting documents to evade tax was a breach of the law.

Mr Tarit said the DSI will later forward the cases to the National Anti-Corruption Commission and the Public Anti-Corruption Commission for further action while disciplinary action will be taken against state officials involved in the scandal.

The DSI director general said the luxury Lamborghini which was recently burnt in Nakhon Ratchasima was illegally imported and the re-assembly firm was a tiny warehouse with no capability to do the sophisticated job.