Complaints had been made the most over satellite TVs and community radios broadcasting provoking contents


Bangkok, 5 February 2014,  Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) disclosed that complaints had been made the most about satellite televisions and community radios broadcasting issues provoking political conflict. 

NBTC Secretary-General, Mr. Thakorn Tanthasit said that, at present, satellite television channels, especially Bluesky and Asia Update, are the two top channels broadcasting issues instigating division and turmoil in the society. Similar complaints had been received concerning community radios provoking political disorder as well.

NBTC’s sub-committee on content broadcasting had been compiling records of such complaints, and would consider penalty measures to be used on the violations. Possible penalties started from warning and request to improve the broadcasting content, to suspension and revoke of broadcasting licenses, which is the most severe penalty. In addition, it was found that some programs contained unsuitable contents that could be a threat to national security and ethics, but the proportion of such broadcasting was less than that on political matters. NBTC would however continue to track and suppress those wrongdoings on case by case basis.