Clinton urges restraint on Thai-Cambodian border fights


BANGKOK, 26 April 2011  – US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has requested both Thailand and Cambodia to exercise maximum restraint in the wake of the renewed border skirmishes since last Friday. 

Ms Clinton expressed her concerns on behalf of the US regarding the battles between Thai and Cambodian troops along the border. She said the US has been coordinating with the authorities of both sides with a hope that violence will be ended very soon.

The former US first lady then pleaded both sides to exercise restraint, refrain from using provocative measures and take all necessary actions immediately in an effort to reduce prevailing tension and avoid further conflicts in the future.

Ms Clinton added in her statement released on Monday that losses of lives and property are all regrettable. She hence voiced her supports to the attempt of Indonesia, as the incumbent ASEAN chair, to help Thailand and Cambodia find an exit to the prevailing problem.

Border battles erupted last Friday near Ta Muen Thom and Ta Kwai Temples along the Thai-Cambodian border, near the northeastern province of Surin.