Civil Court orders assets seizure for ex-senior Transport official


BANGKOK, Jan 31 – The Civil Court on Friday ordered the seizure of Bt46-million in assets of former Permanent-Secretary for Transport Supoj Saplom and six others as being unusually rich and for failure to

clarify sources of wealth.

The court read the verdict after the Attorney-General had filed a petition on Feb 9 last year asking the court for the assets seizure. The six persons involved are Mr Supoj’s relatives.

The assets petitioned to be seized were valued at almost Bt65 million comprising cash, nine savings accounts, cash deposited in the Highways Department’s co-operative, land title deeds in Bangkok and other provinces, as well as houses, cars and condominiums.

According to National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), the former transport permanent-secretary was found to be unusually wealthy and failed to clarify the sources of his affluence.

In November 2011, Mr Supoj reported to the police the burglary at his Ladphrao home where Bt5 million in cash had been stolen. The eight burglars however confessed to making off with 18 million baht in cash, which was seized by the police. The court said Mr Supoj’s testimony and that of witnesses from his side were against evidences.

After the Civil Court verdict, Mr Supoj is to hand in the seized items along with interest and related documents to the state through the Ministry of Finance.