Chumphon Technical College expands Fix It Center program


CHUMPHON, 15 June 2015 – The Chumphon Technical College has expanded the “Fix It Center” program for its communities.

College Director Amnuay Nuanchan, as well as the Tha Sae district chief, executive committees, teachers, students and locals, have shown high interest in joining the program.

The program follows government policy to fix and maintain equipment for public use and for vocational job creation. It also aims to improve machine quality inspections at the community level.

The program can be divided into four objectives. These consist of Fixing, by setting up a center to repair machinery used in business and household appliances; Teaching, by establishing vocational training courses in mechanic professions; Creating, by innovating technology to boost product value and quality guarantee standards; and Encouraging basic sanitary and safety practices in both the work environment and consumers.

Activities in the program include donating repair tools to the center; establishing electrical appliance and agricultural equipment repair centers; automobile and motorcycle fixing centers; bakery and food demonstrations; and key chain-making demonstrations.

Mr. Amnuay explained that the program hopes to see locals apply knowledge gained from the program and the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy towards becoming self-sufficient, helping their neighbors, and building a stronger community. The program also provides first-hand experience for technical students.

The Fix It Center is providing services at the Tha Sae district office every weekend throughout the month of June.