Chicken exports to China increase 700% amid swine fever outbreak


Bangkok – Soaring pork prices due to the swine fever outbreak in China have led to a 700% increase in Thailand’s chicken exports between January and July this year

Kukrit Arepagorn, Manager of the Thai Broiler Processing Exporters Association, revealed that, due to the highly increased price of pork, Chinese consumers have increased their demand for chicken and the nation has imported over thirty-three thousand tonnes of chicken meat and products from Thailand since the start of the year. This figure has made China the third largest export market for chicken meat and products from Thailand, after Europe and Japan.

Recently, officials from General Administration of Customs of China came to Thailand for a safety inspection of 10 poultry factories. The results are expected to be announced soon.

Currently, there are 7 chicken factories in Thailand which are certified by the Government of China and which can export frozen chicken meat and products to the country.