Chiang Mai steps up transport safety


CHIANG MAI, 6 November 2013 The northern tourist province of Chiang Mai has stepped up transport safety measures on the debut of its high tourist season.

According to Mr Chanchai Keelapaeng, Chief of the Chiang Mai Provincial Land Transport Office, measures have been launched by the Department of Land Transport requiring all transport vehicles to have safety gear ready for passengers from this month onwards. Mr Chanchai said the Chiang Mai authorities would therefore follow the department’s direction by adopting the measures in the province.

Checkpoints will be set up on roads and authorities will thoroughly examine transport vehicles, especially vans and buses, to see whether they meet the department’s safety regulations. Drivers and owners of vehicles violating the safety rules will be subject to penalties.

The Thai government is striving to raise the safety of the national transport system after the ferry accident in the resort beach town of Pattaya that killed 6 passengers, including foreigners.