Chaiyabhumi invites all to visits its Siam Tulip Festival


Chaiyabhumi, 01 July 2013, Deputy House Speaker Charoen Jan-ko-mon , together with a team of 7 MPs from Chaiyabhumi province, yesterday presided over the opening ceremony of the province’s Siam Tulip 2013 at Paa Hin Ngam National Park in Thepsatit District.

With intent to make this year’s festival the province’s biggest, provincial authorities and the private sectors in Chaiyabhumi have spared no effort trying to accommodate tourists who usually flock over to the province at this time of year to enjoy the sight of vast fields of Siam tulip in full bloom at the province’s national park Several campaigns have been held to promote the event.

Signs have been put up, photo-taking spots established, roads leading to the national park repaired, and shops where tourists can buy souvenirs and O-Top products set up.

Siam Tulip, locally known as dok kra-jiao is famous for its pinkish purple color petals. Despite its name, it is by no means related to tulip, but to various ginger species such as turmeric.

It can be grown as an indoor plant, and is also sold as cut flowers. Packed with tourists, Paa Hin Ngam National Park currently has a vibrant atmosphere, as 60 percent of the tulips are now in full bloom.

The festival will be held until the end of August. Tourists are recommended to visit Traithong National Park, home of Traithong Falls, another attraction nearby.