‘Chadchart’ urges protester not to seize AEROThai


BANGKOK, 14 Jan 2014 Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt is calling on the Student and People Network for Thailand’s Reform (NSPRT) protesters not to seize the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Limited (AEROTHAI). 

On Monday NSPRT threatened to seize the Stock Exchange of Thailand and AEROTHAI, if Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra refuses to step down by Wednesday.

Mr. Chadchart said the government would not try to stop the NSPRT’s plan as the latter has the right to stage a protest to express the group’s ideas in accordance with the constitution.

However he personally implores the group to abandon the scheme, especially the seizure of AEROTHAI, explaining that closing off the firm would affect all flights flying through the Thai territory. Mr. Chadchart said damages would be done to aviation globally and further tarnish the kingdom’s images.

He beseeched the protesters to think about the benefits of the nation before making any irrational move.