Censure debate zeroes in on corruption in flood spending


BANGKOK, Nov 27 – The Thai Parliament’s no-confidence debate, which entered its third day today, is expected to end by midnight as agreed by the government and the opposition. 

Democrat MP Jurin Laksanavisit, chairman of the opposition coordination committee (and opposition whip), said today’s debate will concentrate on corruption in the Bt120 billion flood relief budget.

He said the opposition has, during the past two days, pinpointed the government’s failure in its administration of the country, particularly in the rice pledging scheme, and the government admitted the opposition’s allegations.

Udomdej Ratanasathien, chairman of the government coordination committee (who is also government whip), said the censure debate must end by midnight today.

“The opposition has 15 hours and the government seven hours for the debate. Both sides will have to talk less in order to end the three-day debate as earlier scheduled,” he said.