CAPO will neither pull police out nor replace them with soldiers


BANGKOK, 12 December 2013 The Center for Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) has asserted it will not heed the demand by protesters led by Suthep Thueksuban for the police to cease its oversight of protesters in Bangkok and for soldiers to carry out the supervision instead. 

CAPO spokesperson Piya Uthayo said on Wednesday that Royal Thai Police Commissioner Adul Saengsingkaew had ordered police officers to ensure order at important sites such as Government House, Parliament, and airports although protest leader Suthep earlier demanded that the police pull out of all protest areas by Wednesday. Police Major General Piya said the police were duty bound to maintain law and order, and it was already working with soldiers in keeping the peace.

More riot policemen arrived and barb wires were put up at the gates of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters on Wednesday, after reports surfaced that protesters, disgruntled after the police declined to heed their demand, were planning to march to the Bangkok police’s head office.