CAPO: Officers forced to use teargas and rubber bullets


BANGKOK, 26 Dec 2013 – The Center for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) says police officers were forced to use rubber bullets and teargas against the protesters who were trying to force their way into the Thai-Japan Youth Center compound.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul, as head of CAPO, made a televised announcement following clashes between police officers and anti-government demonstrators, saying it was necessary that officers use force against the protesters who attempted to break into the Thai-Japan Youth Center, currently held as a registration venue for the upcoming general election.

Clashes between the protesters and the officers broke out around 7:20am this morning. Teargases and rubber bullets were fired at the protesters.

According to Mr. Surapong, the demonstrators did not follow the rule and the rallies were not staged in a peaceful manner as they had claimed.

Lastly, he reiterated that the officers had been patient and using restraint with the protesters as all measures were in line with the international rule of law.