Cabinet to approve agricultural-industrial zoning pilot project


KAMPHAENG PHET, June 10 – The cabinet today may approve a proposal to launch a pilot project on agricultural and industrial zoning in this northern province, according to Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office Varathep Ratanakorn.

The cabinet meeting will open here today with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra chairing the session.

Mr Varathep said Kamphaeng Phet, some 350 km north of Bangkok, is highly developed in agriculture and the zoning will help add to the value of agricultural produce.

Related government agencies will carry out the project after cabinet approval, he said.

Representatives of the lower northern group of provinces have requested government funds to develop three major aspects, including tourism, irrigation systems for agriculture and opening a distribution centre for processed foods.

The group said Kamphaeng Phet is a World Heritage province and renovation of tourist attractions and connectivity to nearby provinces will boost its potential in hosting more tourists.

Development of irrigation systems and building concrete canals will help water storage and distribution.

The group also called on the government to set up a centre to distribute processed foods in the province.

The provincial industrial sector asked that the government improve the provincial infrastructure, communication and transport for public convenience.