Cabinet sets deadline for Nepal quake donations at end of May


BANGKOK, 26 May 2015 – The Cabinet has decided to continue accepting monetary donations for Nepal until the end of this month as the quake-ravaged country is putting focus on the rehabilitation of victims and restoration of historical structures. 

During this week’s Cabinet meeting, acknowledgement was given to a report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding humanitarian assistance being provided for Nepal. Approval was granted to the ministry’s proposal to cease the collection of donated items on May 28 and donated money on May 31.

The Cabinet also agreed to the Interior Ministry’s request to authorize provincial administrations and the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation to use their discretion in selling donated items in order to convert them into cash to be handed to Nepal. Any leftover products from the sales will be kept in stock for use in times of natural disasters in the country.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs used the opportunity to inform the Cabinet that the rescue mission in Nepal is now over and the heavily-damaged country is paying attention on rehabilitation and renovation work.

All monetary donations presented to the Nepalese government will, from now on, be pooled into the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund. However, certain types of necessities are still in high demand, including food, clothing, medicine, vaccines against infectious diseases and construction materials.