Cabinet explains proposed changes to draft charter


BANGKOK, 7 June 2015 – A representative of the Cabinet has appeared before the Constitution Drafting Committee to explain the proposed changes to the draft charter.

CDC Chairman Borwornsak Uwanno on Saturday chaired the meeting of the charter drafters with Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-Ngam who represented the Cabinet in discussing the proposal on changes to the draft Constitution.

The CDC has been meeting with various interest groups to discuss all the proposed changes to the draft charter.

According to the CDC Spokesman, Gen. Lertrat Ratanavanich, Mr. Wissanu has explained the Cabinet’s 117 points of proposed changes and the suggestions from the Prime Minister related to how the new Constitution should be completed.

Gen. Lertrat said that the PM particularly stressed that the new charter should emphasize the country’s interest while being drafted in such a way that goes in line with the context of Thailand’s current social settings without being too lengthy.