Cabinet endorses ban on political office holders being members of state enterprise boards


BANGKOK, 8 October 2014  The cabinet has resolved to ban political office holders from taking the positions of board members at state agencies, in order to prevent corruption.

The Cabinet and the National Council for Peace and Order engaged in their first official meeting on Tuesday, which was chaired by the prime minister and the chief of the NCPO, General Prayut Chan-o-cha. After the 5-hour meeting, Gen. Prayut told reporters the meeting sought to foster clarity and progress in collaborative affairs between the government and the NCPO. He also asked all sectors to give the government the time it needs to move the country forward. The prime minister also asserted martial law will remain in place for now.

Also on Tuesday, the cabinet ministers endorsed, in principle, a ban on political office holders holding advisory positions or member of the board position at state agencies, state enterprises, or public organizations. An exception was made for the director posts at various organizations that needed to be taken by representatives of the state.