Buri Ram police nab Cambodian and Burmese immigrants


BANGKOK, 8 January 2013  Buri Ram police have arrested Cambodian and Burmese immigrants who were trying to illegally enter Thailand to look for a job, after the 300-baht minimum wage policy took effect on January 1st. 

4 unauthorized immigrants were apprehended near a checkpoint in Buri Ram yesterday while they were sneaking into Thailand. According to the Buri Ram police, over 200 immigrants have been arrested in the past week for attempting to illegally cross the border into Thailand. All of them wanted to get a job as wages paid here in Thailand are higher than those in the neighboring countries.

Most of those arrested were Cambodians, Burmese, and Laotians. They will be prosecuted before being repatriated to their countries.

The police have been strictly monitoring all border areas since the 300-baht daily wage took effect, in order to prevent a massive influx of illegal workers.