Border security stepped up to prevent drug smuggling during Songkran


BANGKOK, 11 April 2012  – The Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) is set to impose stricter measures to prevent drug smuggling activities during the upcoming Songkran holiday. 

ONCB Secretary-General Pol Gen Adul Sangsingkeo pointed out that as Songkran is the period of the year when a large number of people travel back to their hometown as well as for tourism purposes, it might serve as an opportunity for drug traffickers to attempt to smuggle narcotics into Thailand. The ONCB, thus, has prepared a special measure to prevent drug trafficking along the borders. Operation teams will be stationed along to Northern and Northeastern borders to monitor drug smuggling activities. Additionally, provincial authorities will be asked to set up checkpoints in their areas.

The ONCB Secretary-General also urges the cooperation of all relevant sectors to help monitor any sign of smuggling activities. Any tips on drug trafficking should be reported to the ONCB hotline at 1386 during 24 hours of the day.