Bomb found near French consulate in Chiang Mai


CHIANG MAI, Jan 1 — An improvised explosive device was seen early today at the base of a tree on a Charoen Prathet Road footpath near Chai Mongkol temple opposite the French consulate in central Chiang Mai.

Bomb experts destroyed it with water jets and security officials are examining surveillance camera footage looking for a suspect.

The home-made bomb is about one foot long cylinder with an electronic circuit wired to a detonation cap.

The authorities closed the road and surrounded the bomb with car tires.

The bomb was shot with a high-pressure water gun.

The incident shocked tourists including foreigners who stay in the area.

Authorities believe that the bomb was aimed at creating unrest to ruin the tourism atmosphere of Chiang Mai during the New Year festival.

Police are inspecting CCTV footage from surveillance cameras to look for a suspect.

Security authorities held an urgent meeting to assess the local situation.