BMA to implement flood prevention program with or without government’s support


BANGKOK, 4 July 2013 Bangkok Governor M.R. Sukhumband Boripartra said he is ready to press ahead with his plan to keep Bangkok away from floods, with or without the government’s budget. 

As many areas of Bangkok were inundated in 2011, a 4- year plan to prevent flooding in the city has been developed. According to M.R. Sukhumband, the Office of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has proposed to the government for a budget of 23 billion baht to implement the flood prevention program, which encompasses canal dredging, improving the efficiency of water pumping stations and sluice gates.

The Department of Drainage and Sewerage has reportedly vouched for the BMA in its letter to the government that the plan is in accordance with its policy. However, the governor said the government has yet to consider allocating the money for the implementation, adding that the BMA might consider taking out a loan to get the plan off the ground if the budget does not get a nod from the government.

The BMA has so far been able to increase the capacity of the drainage system in Thonburi district, which was inundated deep in flood water in 2011, by around 200 cubic meters more per second, following the government’s instruction.