BMA set to expand drug-free project to 250 workplaces


BANGKOK, 20 August 2015 – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) aims to create drug-free environment in 250 more workplaces after a success in establishing the project in 50 prototype enterprises.

Deputy Governor of Bangkok Pusadee Tamthai presided over the opening of a seminar for the 50 successful companies in the BMA’s anti-drug campaign to tell their respective stories of success in order to set examples for 250 other workplaces to follow suit.

The workshop, held at Asia Hotel in Bangkok, was attended by BMA officials from various departments such as environment, labour, and drug rehabilitation stations, as well as delegates from all the 50 districts of Bangkok.

The Bangkok Deputy Governor said that drug abuse has been increasingly spreading in terms of severity and groups of addicts, especially in workplaces. She said drugs made users tol lose their focus and conscious, causing a drop in their work performance. Drugs could also lead to accidents within and outside workplaces, losses of lives, and damage to property and economy.

She said that the workshop provided a chance for participants to exchange their views and learn how to prevent and solve drug abuse in workplaces.

The workshop included several seminars on such topics as ‘Guidelines for workplaces to obtain certifications in the prevention and elimination of drug use in the workplace’, ‘Surveillance system on drug prevention and elimination in workplaces’, and ‘Encoding the practices of drug-free workplaces’.