BMA prepares to cater to elderly society


BANGKOK, 25 April 2015 – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (MBA) is set to map out new development plans to make Bangkok a quality society for the elderly.

In the wake of a growing number of senior citizens, BMA deputy governor Pusadee Tamthai said it was high time the capital city launched schemes to serve the needs of this group of population.

According to Dr. Pusadee, the BMA will classify elderly people into two main groups so as to cater to them effectively. The first group consists of senior citizens who can look after themselves. The latter is made up of those who need to be in the care of others.

For the aged who can take care of themselves, the BMA will provide them with support in line with their request, such as vocational training or job opportunities. As for those who cannot depend on themselves, the BMA will launch campaign to urge family and community members to pay attention to old people in their neighborhood.

In the meantime, the BMA will introduce programs aimed at educating family and community members on physical and psychological changes the elderly are likely to experience, so that younger members can treat the aged ones with understanding and proper care.