Black pond turtles rescued at Suvarnabhumi Airport


SAMUT PRAKAN, 5 May 2004  – Suvarnabhumi International Airport’s Customs Bureau has rescued more than 200 black pond turtles in Samut Prakan Province.

225 black spotted pond turtles weighing up to 100 kilograms altogether were rescued at Suvarnabhumi International Airport while being smuggled in to the kingdom. According to Customs Bureau authorities, these adorable reptiles could have a combined value of 1 million baht.

Authorities said they discovered the turtles in 4 passenger bags as the bags were going through an x-ray scanner and about to be claimed by the owner.

The black pond turtle, also known as the spotted pond turtle, is a species of turtle found in southern Pakistan, northeastern India, and Bangladesh. These turtles are mainly black with small yellowish spots, with three interrupted keels.

Black pond turtles are protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which is known as CITES, and other wildlife protected laws.