Beach restoration process underway in Pattaya City


Chonburi – A 1.3-kilometer stretch of Pattaya City’s eroded shoreline has been successfully restored. The restoration process began in April.

According to Marine Office 6 Director Akaraj Kantharo, the remaining 1.5-kilometer stretch from Pattaya Klang to Pattaya Tai beaches will be restored before the end of this year, in time for the high tourism season.

The sand was transported from Ko Rang Wiang Island and was bulldozed into place along the shoreline of Pattaya City to create a 35-meter wide beach. A 15-meter seawall has also been built for better coastal protection.

Around 340,000 cubic feet of sand is being used for the entire restoration process. The Marine Office 6 Director said that without the beach, the tourism sector of Pattaya City could be affected.