Bangkok will be wet in the next two days


BANGKOK, 29 May 2011 -According to the Meteorological Department, a medium range monsoon has been forecast to pass through the Northern, Central and Eastern regions of Thailand today. Rainfalls are expected as it is moving past these areas. The Department is advising people to take extra cautions when leaving their homes in the next few days.

However, the monsoon is expected to become weaker as it is moving offshore. Meanwhile, the Southwestern monsoon coming from the south of Thailand will be stronger. Fishermen are warned when leaving the shore as waves will be as high as 2 meters.

In Central Thailand, it will be raining in over 60% of the region with the highest temperatures predicted around 33-34 degree Celsius while the lowest will be 24-25 degree Celsius. Most areas of Bangkok and its surrounding provinces will be wet until the next couple of days.