Bangkok taxis oppose attempt to legalise on-demand private car service


Bangkok Taxi Cooperatives today asked the Transport Ministry to halt its attempt to amend the existing transport law to legalize on-demand private car service reasoning there are over 120,000 taxis in operation in Bangkok, and any legalisation of private taxi service will add more hardship for taxi drivers.


But the transport minister assured the taxi drivers that the matter remained inconclusive and it needed discussion with all parties concerned.

Cooperative president Vitoon Naewpanich said in the petition to transport minister Ormsin Chivapruek that legalising on-demand private car service would only benefit Uber Taxi Service in the country but make trouble to registered taxi service in Bangkok which now amounted to 150,000 taxis.

He asked that the matter should be considered with caution as it would affect the livelihood of legal taxi drivers who now own less than 300 baht a day after deduction of fuel bills and rents.

But Mr Ormsin said the law amendment remained inconclusive.

However he assured all sides would be fairly treated.

He said the ministry did not mind to allow on-demand taxi service via mobile application but private operator must strictly comply with the Thai laws.

He assured that law amendment did not mean to help any operator in particular.

He also said the second adjustment of taxi fare by 5% was not yet considered after last year’s 8% adjustment.