Bangkok residents told not to hoard food supply


BANGKOK, 20 October 2011 -Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce Mr. Yanyong Puagrat has urged Bangkok residents not to hoard any food supplies as it may cause shortages. He also believed the flood crisis in the capital city would not be severe.

A blue flagged caravan, supported by the Ministry of Commerce and various business owners, will travel to the inundated zones to sell at cheap prices food and household products such as instant noodles, sugar, cooking oil, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other necessities; to flood victims who have been stranded in their homes and living on a dwindling food supply.

The caravan consists of 10 cars transporting goods and selling them to flood victims in 13 locations in Bangkok and its vicinity. They are due to arrive today in the Government Housing community in Minburi, Muangpracha village in Nongjok, Khlongsamwa, the Office of Donmuang district, the Rama 4 parking lot, and Pakred district of Nontaburi Province. The blue flagged caravan will be selling daily supplies cheap until the crisis has subsided while another blue flagged event selling household items and food products is now being held at the Ministry of Commerce until tomorrow.

Mr. Yanyong has also urged residents of Bangkok not to hoard more food supply than they need as there will not be enough to go around for those living in the flood- stricken provinces.