Bangkok governor candidates warned to only campaign practical & permissible election policies


BANGKOK, 24 January 2013 – All contenders in the upcoming Bangkok gubernatorial election are warned to only employ campaign policies, which are practical under the jurisdiction of the capital governor. 

Bangkok Election Commission Office Director Veera Yee-prae said on Wednesday that, so far, there have been 18 candidates, who have registered their names to run in the March-3 gubernatorial poll. The candidacy registration will stay open until January 25.

The Bangkok Election Commission Office Director said that a verification process is underway to check the qualification of each candidate before an official confirmation of the endorsed contenders can be made within February 1.

Meanwhile, Mr. Veera warned all Bangkok governor candidates to make sure that their future deputies, secretaries and advisors, have given their written consents to use their names in the election campaign and to confirm their readiness to start working if their respective candidate wins the election.

He added that all campaign policies must also be realistic and possible for execution under the authority of the Bangkok Governor, without exceeding the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s allocated budget.

In addition, Mr. Veera noted that anyone who submits false evidence to disqualify any candidate may risk being put behind bars, while any lawmaker who has been proven to do so may be removed from office and see their party dissolved.