Bad tempered Russian attacks waitress


Police were called to foodfair restaurant off of walking street at 4am in the morning of the 22nd of November.

At the scene, the officers found some tourists yelling at the waitress.

An employee stated that the tourists had had two glasses of juice and 2 cups of tea then asked for the bill.

The tourist then got up so the waitress cleared the table is was then that one of the man attacked her grabbing round the throat and shouting at her as to why she let someone else take their seats.

One of the men 45 Timafey Borishev a Russian national stated that he is a police officer in Germany and that he was sent here by the Russian government and that this case would could become an international issue.

He denied trying to strangle the waitress however admitted that he was angered as to why the waitress allowed someone else to take his table.

The police noted all of this and filed a report before letting all the parties go their separate ways.