Auto Gates are being installed to keep the lines short at SVB


BANGKOK, 29 March 2012 -Following the recent complaints over the endless lines of passengers waiting to be processed at the immigration, Suvarnabhumi Airport has now adopted new approaches to keep the problem at bay. 

Media reports of complaints showed there were not enough officials at the immigration to keep the lines moving quickly. The lines of outbound passengers were so long that they sometimes stretched all the way to the check-in areas.

According to the Airports of Thailand (AoT), a single S-shaped queue has been applied to allow the process to go faster as passengers are able to walk to any available counters. The AoT has also brought in a new technology called an auto gate — a do-it-by-yourself machine — which will be in full operation on April 11th.

Instructions will be provided to passengers upon their arrival to the immigration area. The machine is said to take 20 seconds to process each passenger before they move on to the security check. They will be used with only Thai nationals during the first phase of their introduction.

A number of staff has also been added to facilitate and assist Thai and foreign passengers in every step along the way to ensure minimum hassles during the process.