Authorities to push elephants back into forest in Buriram


Buriram – Authorities of Dong Yai Forest Wildlife Sanctuary in Buriram province are preparing to push elephants back into the forest after filming over 60 descending on fields around the Khao Kapod Rangers Unit.

The elephants were filmed during a patrol by Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary authorities. The filming coincides with a series of photos shot by locals of elephants eating their tapioca plants as well as signs that they trampled a chicken coop. One video clip shot by locals has audio of residents trying to chase away the animals despite the danger.

With the sightings taking place outside of the Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary zone, more patrols have been organized with the intent of driving the elephants back into the forest. Residents have been urged to alert authorities if they see any of the animals, and have been barred from entering the forest area at this time as a safety precaution. The matter has been reported to the district and provincial offices as well.