Army to build asphalt roads to help address rubber oversupply


BANGKOK, Sept 14 –The Thai army will use more than 300 tonnes of asphalt for road construction next year to cooperate with the government in solving the problem of rubber oversupply, according to Defence Ministry spokesman Thanatip Sawangsaeng.

He said the Armed Forces Development Command would build 127 kilometres of asphalt roads, using 72 tonnes of rubber, and the Army Engineer Department has planned to build 36 roads with a total length of 178 kilometres in the South using 250 tonnes of rubber.

The army would survey more roads and seek additional budget from the government for the construction, he said.

Col Thanatip said the Army Ordnance Department produced 800 tyres for military trucks each year, using 150 tonnes of rubber.

If allocated more budget, the department could double its production, he said.