Army: soldiers have to maintain checkpoints to prevent incidents in Bangkok


BANGKOK, 22 March 2014  It is necessary for soldiers to continue to be stationed at checkpoints in numerous locations in Greater Bangkok to prevent ill-intentioned parties from striking, the army has informed the public. 

Deputy Army spokesperson Winthai Suwari reported that some dissident groups are still using violence against various targets, and thus internal security agencies continue to place importance on preventive measures such as community checkpoints and ‘internal security’ checkpoints, in areas that contain potential targets. Colonel Winthai said that the checkpoints have proven very beneficial, although some groups have distorted the checkpoints’ purpose by calling them ‘military bunkers’. Col. Winthai asserted that the presence of the checkpoints and service points for the military has not negatively impacted on the daily lives of people.

The spokesman explained that sandbag barriers had to be erected at some locations because of the lack of permanent shelter that could provide officials with a measure of safety, should ill intentioned individuals decide to strike. However soldiers have been told to modify the sandbag barriers to blend in better with their surroundings, and bring greater peace of mind to the public.