Army resists protesters’ call for its involvement


BANGKOK, 27 January 2014 The army confirms all army officers perform their duties according to the laws and calls on the public to understand them. Army spokesman Col. Winthai Suwaree says the army chief and the police commissioner-general have agreed to urgently arrest the culprits of all violent incidents during the anti-government rallies.

Col. Winthai on Monday elaborated that the Emergency Decree obligated the Center for Managing of Peace and Order (CMPO) to be responsible for the deployment of police personnel to maintain peace and order amid the protests in Bangkok. In response to the protesters’ request for the army to step in, the spokesman said army officers must carry out their duties within a legal framework and there must be laws to protect them.

Col. Winthai also called on all groups of protesters to rally in a peaceful manner and not to use to violence which would only make things worse.