Army Region 3 joins Chiang Mai in drill against forest fires and haze


Chiang Mai – Army Region 3 Commander Lt Gen Wijak Siribansop, as director of the Regional Forest Fire and Haze Prevention and Mitigation Center, chaired the launch of this year’s forest fire fighting drill Wednesday alongside Chiang Mai Governor Pawin Chamniprasas.

The drill was joined in by area military units as well as over 40 Chiang Mai academic institutions and public organizations in line with the Regional Forest Fire and Haze Prevention and Mitigation Center’s efforts to integrate efforts against blazes and smog.

All involved joined in expressing a unified intention to reduce the instances of forest fires and undercut the annual haze problem that hits the north of the country. They are to campaign for greater awareness against the haze problem and environmental conservation and join in other activities to combat forest fires.

The drill included an exhibition on forest fires and haze put together by 10 provincial offices as well as a parade to raise awareness involving 20 public and private agencies, 200 bicycles and 70 vehicles. The entire event was attended by 3,262 people.