Army ready to support quarantine center for returning Thais from USA

Royal Thai Army commander in chief, General Apirat Kongsompong.

To bring Thai students in the United States back to Thailand, the Royal Thai Army commander in chief said the army is coordinating with all authorities involved. The army itself has prepared personnel to support the establishment of a quarantine area for people who will soon return from abroad.

General Apirat Kongsompong, the Commander in Chief mentioned the progress of repatriating Thai students from the US during the commander’s video conference, saying that the Royal Thai Army is coordinating with the authorities both in Thailand and in foreign countries. The aim is to achieve the mission’s goal as soon as possible in accordance with the government’s guidelines.

At the same time, it is necessary to reinforce personnel for the mission such as to ensure quarantine quarters for those who return from abroad which is the Royal Thai Army’s Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration’s responsibility.

The army will provide enough staff to maintain the quarantine’s efficacy, and will also train more personnel for the mission.

As for accommodating people in a state quarantine center, there are already two locations, the Phatthara Hotel and the Ambassador hotel Bangkok with 279 being quarantined as of April 13. (NNT)