Army Commander attends peace dialogue for southern-border provinces


PATTANI, 14 December 2014 – The Fourth Army Area Commander has attended a peace dialogue for issues in the southern-border provinces, and emphasized that the solution for peace must uphold ethics, human rights, and the law.

The Fourth Army Area Commander and the Chief of the 4th Region Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) Forward Command, Lt. Gen. Prakarn Cholayut, today headed the joint discussion for a solution for issues in the southern-border provinces of Thailand with participants from the army, police, and public sector.

He said that the mission of the 4th Region ISOC Forward Command is to return peace in the southern-border provinces. He said that many sectors are now contributing to the mission for peace as can be seen from clear and practical government policies that give precedence to the wellbeing of the people.

He said that the Prime Minister of Thailand has discussed with Malaysia on the southern-border provinces issue and expected to see a positive effect from the talk.

The Fourth Army Area Commander said that the authorities in the area will reduce the use of armed force, weapons, and special laws, while encouraging the enforcement of ordinary law. The police will give priority to dealing with the situation, and encourage public participation in taking care of the society.

He mentioned that the 4th Region ISOC Forward Command has clear and transparent policies regarding human rights. He also pointed out that the true solution for peace must happen based on the people’s trust through upholding ethics, human rights, and law enforcement.