Army chief vows to clamp down on Rohingya camps


BANGKOK, 11 May 2015 – The Army Commander has insisted that no military personnel has been involved in the trafficking of Rohingyas.

Army Commander General Udomdej Sitabutr said the Royal Thai Army has been working closely with the Royal Thai Police and other agencies in their effort to clamp down on the Rohingya camps.

Their mission is expected to be completed in 10 days as ordered by Prime Minsiter Prayut Chan-o-cha. According to the Army Chief, his troops have made more than 50% progress after 10 Rohingya camps have been identified.

He added that the Royal Thai Army will do its best to bring results in order to restore confidence of the international community even though Thailand is only a passing point.

The Army Chief has also insisted that no military officials have been involved in the crime. He further stated that the recent military reshuffle was done to improve the efficiency of the Thai army, not because it had anything to do with the trafficking of the Rohingyas.