Army Chief checks investigation of Rohingya death case


SONGKHLA, 4 May 2015 – The Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Army today went to investigate the death case of about 30 Rohingya people on location, while urging a solution to eradicate human trafficking in Thailand.

The Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Army Gen Udomdej Sitabutr said that he had visited Songkhla province today to continue the investigation on searching for more Rohingya bodies buried at the border area. He has urged all agencies to carry out their operations and intelligence work to eradicate the human trafficking issue from Thailand.

About 30 graves of Rohingya people were discovered by the police on 1 May 2015 on the Look Chang mountain in the Padang Besar subdistrict in Songkhla province. The site is believed to be the temporary camp for Rohingya people before being transported out of Thailand.

The Army Chief further said that this matter has been expedited by the Prime Minister in finding the perpetrators and to bring them to face legal punishment, as the Prime Minister is concerned that some government officials might involved.

He said that the matter has to be coordinated between Thailand and Malaysia, as it is believed that this particular human trafficking gang has connections in both countries. This case must be urgently solved as Thailand is now being watched by many countries regarding the issue of human trafficking. However, the name of the suspects cannot be disclosed currently, as the case is still under police investigation.

The Army Chief also mentioned that he had visited Ranong province today, as it is the location that is used to transport Rohingya people by boat to the western seashore of Thailand, in an attempt to eradicate the human trafficking activities through the cooperation between the military, police, and the civilian.