Army chief asserts government is trying its best to solve people’s problems


BANGKOK, Oct 16 — Deputy Defence Minister/Army chief Udomdej Sitabutr on Wednesday expressed sympathy with a Lop Buri farmer who set herself on fire and hoped she would be saved. 

He assured the public that the government is trying its best to heed people’s complaints but some cases would take time to handle.

He spoke in reference to the case of Sangwian Raksaphet, who set herself ablaze at a temporary public service center at the Office of the Civil Service Commission opposite Government House.

On August 13 she asked authorities there to help negotiate with her loan sharks but there had not been any progress in her case.

Gen Udomdej said there were a large number of people’s complaints and some cases would take times to solve because they might face legal complications.

Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paojinda also expressed his sympathy with the case. He said many people complained about informal debt problems and he would discuss special solutions with provincial and local authorities.

Ms Sangwian, a resident of Wang Jan sub-district in Lop Buri’s Khok Samrong district, arrived at the public service center at about 8.45am. As there was no progress in her complaint case filed on Aug 13, she was disappointed.

Then she poured the oil she carried along on her body and lit herself with a lighter.

Officials hurriedly put out the blaze and took her to Vajira Hospital.