400 projects proposed to receive Thailand Digital Economy Fund 2020


BANGKOK – The Digital Economy Fund was set up in 2017 as required by the Act on Digital Development for the Economy and Society. The fund, supported by the National Broadcast and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), has reached over 5 billion baht.

The fund was established to support state, private and individual non-profit and non-commercial projects concerning development of digital technology with a public benefit. So far this year, over 400 projects have been submitted for approval.

The Secretary-General of the National Digital Economy and Society Commission, Vunnaporn Devahastinna Ayutthaya, said today that 10 projects have received approval for a total 150 million baht in funding. Of the 10, seven are public projects, two are run by private organizations and one is from an individual.

Success of the 10 will enrich Thailand’s digital development and create an ecosystem for coping with technological change while fostering new digital services in the realms of education, public health, management, agricultural and governance, benefiting all citizens.

The fund is still open to submissions.